Larger Than Life: Trolls and Pipebombs

So when we heard Jericho was coming back we thought we were getting this:


But what we really got was this:

Jericho's new gimmick


His first night back, this is what happened:

BTW, is a bullshit site for not letting you copy the image URL. Fuck them! That's why this is small!


And then we all became this:

Well, except for that guy on the left there.

When Jericho first came back, many of us were all “WTF was that?” Some of us got it immediately. I took a little winning over…but talking, not talking…I’m in love with the troll Jericho gimmick.  Totally in love with it. Is it the Jericho we remember from 1999? No. Not really. But that’s ok. That jericho with the Pebbles Flintstone ponytail on the top of is head would never work today.

His feud with Punk is setting up to be something special. Just when you thought Jericho had done it all, and he has, he can still surprise you. That’s the mark of greatness, of a real legend.

Last night on RAW we got the first solid promo and real glimpse of what Jericho’s new gimmick is going to be about. “Wannabes” is gonna be a big thing.  And how fun was this! Jericho trolls fans, Punk trolls Jericho! PIPEBOMB! I love WWE fans, we called it right before he did it.

This feud has the potential to be amazing. Both Jericho and CM Punk bring this larger than life charisma I talk about to life. The way Punk can control the crowd without saying anything. Jericho had to yell and pander…but all Punk had to do was…just appear.  Jericho has long established himself as a fan favorite who consistently is able to get whatever reaction he’s going for. I think it’s safe to say this latest stint has given him his hardest time being heel. But, that’s what happens to legends, I suppose…

CM Punk’s popularity really seems to depend on the crowd, the same as Cena. The crowd last night was a Punk crowd…other cities seems to just not get it. Punk has to work on making people care about him beyond the “Indie guy who’s made good” thing if he wants to get over totally…and I’m gonna need us fans to really take a moment to appreciate what Punk to trying to give us and fucking mark accordingly. These lukewarm receptions are not the business, y’all.

I’m very excited to see where this feud goes. Stephanie McMahon was mentioned by Jericho this week. LOL, I’m grasping for straws for my theory to be correct. I want Steph back on my TV so bad. I have no idea how she’d fit into the storyline. But, if they can fit judo expert Eve into a storyline where she’s being used as a pawn (because want are women for, really?)…they can find a place for Steph! I have faith!

I would love to see Punk and Jericho attempt to out-troll both each other and the crowd in the coming weeks. That would be a lot of fun. Wrestling is family time in my house, and we were cracking the fuck up at Jericho stealing the Ziggler win! Brilliant move! And grabbing the title and sitting in the ring like Punk, trolling the “Wannabe” by impersonating him.

All of this just shows why Jericho is a fucking legend. He may be far and away better than many others. Even if he didn’t come up with this new gimmick, he is workin’ it! I think most legends once they leave fall into nostalgia bombs and nothing else. Chris Jericho has come back and managed to make himself relevant in this new era, in the post-Y2K world. This reinvention shows us what that legends can still be relevant when they try. I don’t really hear anyone complaining about Jericho stealing airtime or spots for the new generation. Because he’s finding his niche and holding his own and not getting by purely on nostalgia. He’s earning his spot all over again.

I hope The Rock is paying attention. This is how it’s fucking done.



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