Theme Thursday: Bully Ray

Because I happened to catch the last 15 minutes of Impact last night…and I still love Bully Ray so much. Such an underused talent.

You immediately hear the similarity to Sabu’s theme, and a lot of people are criticizing the theme because of that. I can understand that.

I’m not so quick to judge. Music samples and borrows all the time, for good or worse. It seems like TNA does knockoffs of other wrestlers, WWE stars, gimmicks, etc. So, no surprise there.

This theme is great though because it’s nostalgic with not only the Sabu nod, but the whistle sound at the beginning kind of being a tribute to The Dudley Boyz and Bully Ray’s past in the Bubba Ray Dudley character.

He’ll always be Bubba Ray to me, though. LOL


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