Posted in March 2012

Wrestlemania Week: The Undertaker Match

At Wrestlemania everything is taken to another level! And there is no match that fans are more emotionally-invested in than the Undertaker match. I talk about this a lot, being emotionally-invested. It’s no secret that The Undertaker is not the best wrestler in the world. His moveset isn’t that great. So why are his matches … Continue reading

The ArmbarCast Episode 7

Episode 7: “Dragon Gate”   We talked Dragon Gate Infinity 252, my love of Ritochet and Mad Blankey, a little bit of Wrestlemania hype and MORE! Check it out!

The ArmbarCast Episode 6

Episode 6: “Hoodies Up!”   We put our hoodies up in support of Trayvon Martin and the Million Hoodies March! We talked Cassius Ohno/Chris Hero’s debut match in FCW, tons of indy news and is TNA going gender neutral? Click it and find out!

Theme Thursday: Wrestlemania 17

The themes! Once upon a time before crappy bubble gum alternative became the norm for Wrestlemania themes…the song was one of my favorite things about Wrestlemania! Even though I had just seen the show I would anxiously await the video recap at the end of every Wrestlemania with the theme music from that year as … Continue reading

Wrestlemania Week: Hall of Fame Speeches

So Wrestlemania week is fucking here! No matter what I feel about the show that year…there’s always a feeling of anticipation that I guess is the same of all sports fans feel when the “Big Game” is comin’ up! So this year I wanted to do some posts about the things that make Wrestlemania for … Continue reading

Basic Thuganomics Still Beats Tired Promos

Rock wanted me to write his song tonight, but I would never be his mouthpiece. ‘Cause Rock’s like Lebron James, he took his talent straight down to South Beach. And for the past few weeks, Rock’s been legitimately pissed. If you get stuck singin’ your song tonight, Rock–it’s all in the wrist. Could we please … Continue reading

The ArmbarCast Episode 1

The ArmbarCast: “Frustrations”   Realized I never posted this one! Neal Carter and I doing the first episode of our new show, The ArmbarCast! Check it out! CLICK!

The ArmbarCast Episode 5

The ArmbarCast: “Embrace A Moveset”   Neal Carter and I talk about the return of Thuganomics, how to be a better Diva, why The Rock isn’t The Rock anymore and more! Click that link!

The ArmbarCast Episode 3

The ArmbarCast: “Dusty Rhodes Digests Chris Brown”   Neal Carter, Denzel Lamar, ESPN’s Joe Oertel and myself talk the Chris Brown vs. CM Punk feud and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes stops by the show! Click it! No regrets!