Theme Thursday: Wrestlemania 17

The themes! Once upon a time before crappy bubble gum alternative became the norm for Wrestlemania themes…the song was one of my favorite things about Wrestlemania! Even though I had just seen the show I would anxiously await the video recap at the end of every Wrestlemania with the theme music from that year as a backdrop.

…Now of course the songs suck and they don’t do the video recaps anymore. Oh yeah, WWE, because that lack of a 2-minute recap is gonna make me buy the PPV if I didn’t have the money!

I know apparently now it’s uncool to like Limp Bizkit, but in 2000 most people liked them. Gimme a break. I still like this song. The band was good for its time. This theme was the perfect backdrop to the Austin/Rock match. Just amazing. So fuck it, we’re doin’ this!

♫ Just one more fight, and I’ll be history… ♫

And Austin standing in the ring as those words are said. Truer lyrics never spoken. And then the drums start again just as they start beating the crap out of each other.


Enjoy it! What’s your favorite Wrestlemania theme?

P.S. I still have never forgiven Austin for allying with McMahon. I was pissed for days. Totally kayfabed it up!


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