Wrestlemania Party Ideas

TODAY IS THE DAY! Wrestlemania! The Undertaker vs. HHH. The Rock vs. John Cena! IT’S ALL HAPPENING TONIGHT!

Some of you might want to have a Wrestlemania party, but aren’t sure how to get started! How do you make it wrestling specific and not just the Superbowl Part II? I was wondering the same thing!

Due to the wonders of Google, I found this great article about throwing a kick ass Wrestlemania party! Here’s a short rundown of some of the recipe ideas:

Brahma Bull Bacon Sliders – Inspired by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Ground beef patty stuffed with Monterey jack and bacon. Served on a toasted bun with layers of lettuce, sliced tomato, onion, and your choice of condiments.

Mizwich – Inspired by WWE Superstar The Miz: A mixture of beef, sausage and a Cheez Whiz/Worcestershire sauce broiled and served on slices of cocktail bread.

Fruity Pebble Finisher – Inspired by WWE Superstar John Cena: Crispy marshmallow treats made with colored, fruit flavored rice cereal, that can be sliced into a shape of your choosing.

The Most Electrifying Emulsion – Inspired by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Vodka, gin, whisky, energy drink and lemon juice topped off with a can of beer.

Cena Cider (Non-Alcoholic)– Inspired by WWE Superstar John Cena: A combination of orange juice, tangerine juice, sparkling apple cider and grenadine served chilled.

Long Island Fist Pump Punch – Inspired by WWE Superstar Zack Ryder: Vodka, gin, light rum, tequila, and triple sec blended with pineapple juice, grenadine syrup and orange juice served with ice.

And of course there is the ever, always popular Wrestlemania drinking game! What Wrestlemania would be complete without it?!

General Rules:
These rules are active at all times throughout the pay per view.

General: 2 count.
General: Finisher/special is performed against your pick.
General: Your pick’s finisher/special is countered.
General: Product placement or plugging.
General: Random ex-Superstar turns up (double – but if Stone Cold, finish your drink as quickly as possible).
General: Match interference (double if by ‘random ex-Superstar’).
General: Weapon introduced to a match (chairs/tables/belts/etc are included as ‘weapons’).
General: Someone does the “I can’t believe it” face (superstars included).
General: Championship belt used as a weapon.
General: Sequence of trading-blows (drink every time your pick gets hit)
General: Any reference to “Trending world-wide”.
General: Superstar has a “Special” entrance.
General: Funkasaurus gets on the card (double if he them fights The Miz).
Booker T: Any combination of two “right there/here/now” used in a single sentence.
Michael Cole: “Vintage [anyone]”.
Michael Cole: “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”.
John Laurinaitis: Disrupts proceedings.
John Laurinaitis: Introduces himself by his full title (triple if it happens more than once).
Teddy Long: Says “playa”.
Teddy Long/John Laurinaitis: Argue with each other.
Teddy Long/John Laurinaitis: Physical exchange.
Crowd: Undertaker “20/0” or “19/1” sign.
Pick: If your pick loses (quadruple).

The Undertaker vs Triple H – Referee Shawn Michaels
Your pick: Hit with a weapon (chairs/tables/etc are included as ‘weapons’).
Shawn Michaels: Comes out wearing a cowboy hat as part of his referee’s uniform.
Shawn Michaels: Breaks from the duties of a referee (interference), or ‘plays favourites’.
Shawn Michaels: Slaps his leg super hard while doing a kick (also triggers above rule).
Shawn Michaels: Takes a nap after a “ref bump”.
Environment: Cell is used as a weapon.
General: Someone bleeds.
Triple H: Super flexes his mussels.
Triple H: Argues with Shawn Michaels.
Triple H: Referred to as the “COO”.
The Undertaker: Shows the white of his eyes.
The Undertaker: Loses (add two more to the quadruple for “incorrect pick”).
The Undertaker: Zombie sit up.
The Undertaker: Suicide dive.

John Cena vs The Rock
Cena: /You can’t see me (double if the crowd also chants “You can’t see me”).
The Rock: /You can’t see me (double – or triple if the crowd also chants “You can’t see me”).
Crowd: Father wearing a Rock shirt, son/daughter wearing a Cena shirt (triple).
Cena: Croud: Boo’ing is louder than the cheering on entrance (double).
Cena: Croud: “Lets go Cena. Cena Sucks” (one per rotation of the chant).
Cena: *Wobbly leg stand up after being hit to the ground* (triple if immediately followed by a comeback or counter).
Cena: Mid match promo (triple).
The Rock: Croud: Boo’ing is louder than the cheering on entrance (double).
The Rock: The People’s Eyebrow.
The Rock: The People’s Kick.
The Rock: The People’s Punch.
The Rock: /Come here (hand gesture).
The Rock: Mid match promo (double).

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
Shaemus: Is referred to as the “white [anything]”.
General: “Vegan”.
Daniel Bryan: “YES!” (one per grouping of chants).
Daniel Bryan: Uses what’s-her-name as a distraction or interference in any way (also triggers “General rule: Interference”).
Daniel Bryan: Tries to leave with the WHC (double if thwarted by opponent – quadruple if thwarted by what’s-her-name).
Daniel Bryan: Locks in the Cattle Mutilation.
Sheamus: Gets slapped (double if he gets super mad afterwards).
Sheamus: Shouts.
Sheamus: Signature pose – chest slap, arms out wide, shouts (also triggers above rule)

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho or CM Punk: Indicates in any way that they’re “number 1”.
CM Punk: Points to his Championship Belt while looking at Chris Jericho.
Your pick: Celebrates with the crowd after he wins
CM Punk: /Go-2-Sleep (taunt).
CP Punk: Mocks Chris Jericho after hitting the knee on the turnbuckle.
Chris Jericho: “Ask him” (drinks increase by 1 for every new “Ask him” sequence).
Chris Jericho: Walls of Jericho with Knee in the spine.

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show
Cody Rhodes: Leaves the ring.
Cody Rhodes: Crazy/phycho face.
Big Show: Goofy smile face.

GM vs. GM Match
General: Hear the word “Cobra”.
General: Match it announced as an Elimination Match.
General: Match finishes with a sequence of finishers.
Team Teddy: Teddy does the Awkward dance.
Team Johnny: Crowd: “Sexual Chocolate!”.

Randy Orton vs Kane
Randy Orton: Punches the mat.
Kane: /Tombstone.
Randy Orton: /Legend Killer (taunt/pose).
Randy Orton: RKO (double if out of nowhere).

Divas Match
General: Last less than 5 minutes .
General: Lasts more than 5 minutes (triple).

I would probably change some of The Rock’s rules to if he says “Fruity Pebbles” “lady parts” (drink complete with crotch-grabbing if a woman) and everytime he refers to his penis. Triple drink if he gives his promo as Dwayne Johnson instead of The Rock. This a lot of drinking. I plan to be good and plastered. Look out for drunk tweets! @femininesmark, fyi!

Something else you can do is to have all of your guests come dressed up as a wrestler and having a costume contest! Double points if you can impersonate the wrestler you’re dressed as!

Have a good one y’all! Give up your keys, be safe, have fun, and mark the fuck out! IT’S FUCKING WRESTLEMANIA!


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