Cuttin Promos: Botched Spot

Because they provided me with this, wherein a LOL’d hard:

Those are pretty much my thoughts. I’ll be getting more indepth on The ArmbarCast this week! WTF was with the 18 second match? CM Punk/Jericho was surprisingly lackluster, The Undertaker match steals the show again with an amazing assist of emotion by Shawn Michaels, and The Rock/Cena match…I have storyline issues.

However, most of all, whenever I can get a video of that bullshit ass fucking racist Mammy ass bullshit with Funkasaurus and his “Mama…”

I will go in. WTF.

But check out Botched Spot! Do it now!


2 thoughts on “Cuttin Promos: Botched Spot

  1. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Eve got more ring time than Daniel Bryan? I knew Sheamus would win but I wanted to see him wear Bryan out. They have pretty much dropped a deuce on Daniel Bryan.

    Funk WAS on a roll…’til that bull…

    Other than Sheamus and CM Punk (who do deserve it), I don’t see Wrestlemania raising anyone’s stock. Isn’t the purpose of a PPV to get the good wrestlers great and the greats legendary?

    • They dropped a deuce on D-Bry and Cena, in my opinion. Cena deserves it sometimes…but not with this feud. I don’t get it.

      Yeah, that’s totally what I thought the purpose was. The great (Cena) didn’t move up in status. Nor did Punk, though it’s a little early. Sheamus was the only one who really got ahead…but with that 18 second bullshit it pretty much made his Royal Rumble win meaningless.

      Eh. It was mostly just eh.

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