WTF What That?!: Funkasaurus and his Mammy

I don’t like talking about entire events as a whole. Everyone does it. So, in thinking about what to cover regarding Wrestlemania, it was a hard choice.

Like everyone, I was in love with the Undertaker/HHH match…and maybe I teared up a little at the end… *whistles*

The Rock winning didn’t make sense to me…at all. But, overall I don’t hate The Rock winning. Storyline wise it doesn’t make sense.

And fuck Brock Lesnar. That’s all I gotta say.

But everyone else can talk about that better than me. So, I’m talking about this effing Mammy ass bullshit with Broadus Clay and his “Mama” dancing all over the place with fake asses. That I can do.

It took me a while to get my thoughts together as to not just come in here and throw around a stream of cuss words and call that a post.

But I can handle this.

They had women with giant fake asses who seemed to also be in fat suits come out and pretend to be Broadus Clay’s mother…and dance around the stage.

Oh yeah, because that’s not a stereotype or anything:

Nope! And ya know what I wanna see at Wrestlemania? It’s a 5-minute dancing segment YAY! Bitches love dance!

…And the big fake ass isn’t a caricature?

That’s not a thing that has any racist historical context whatsoever. NO WORRIES U GUISE!

I’m just over it. WWE needs to stop doing this crap. I just don’t understand why in 2012 this kind of segment can get on the air with little to no push back. I can’t read every blog out there…but I have seen not na-one on this shit! I saw many people of color who are WWE fans putting on their fake surprises faces that this even happened.

This is what happens when you don’t have many/any people of color doing the writing or being a in a position of power in your company. This shit right here. Many people saw this before it happened and not one motherfucker went,

“Ya know, this might be considered promoting a stereotype.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t put black women in fake asses and have them dance on TV.”

“Might wanna tell Vince to go fuck himself on this one.”

I know that last one surely wasn’t gonna happen, but a girl can dream!

There’s a joke about how all companies need a “Jamal.” Someone to come in and just be around to answer questions about race and whether something is right or might be insensitive.

WWE needs a Farooq. Complete in Nation of Domination gear.

What I needed at that moment was for him to come out…the music comes to a record-scratching halt. He walks down the ramp, looking at everyone dancing with complete WTF face. He gets in front of them…turns around and looks them…shakes his head in disgust and turns right back around to face the camera. Then with complete judgement face he says:


So, in my head, I’m just gonna pretend like that’s what happened. He was there that night too. What the entire fuck, WWE? You put one of the few black men you allowed on TV into the Hall of Fame just the day before…and then you thought that this would be a good idea.



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