Wrestling On Sitcoms

While looking up wrestling shit on Youtube, I found this old clip of Triple H on The Drew Carey Show (that I can’t embed!). It got me to thinking wrestlers and wrestling being featured in sitcoms! So I started doing some research…and with the help of Google University and this message board, here’s a tribute to wrestling in sitcoms!

Wrestlers vs. Robots on How I Met Your Mother


The Rock on That 70’s Show


Vader on Boy Meets World


Granny rasslin’ on The Beverly Hillbillies


Wrestling match on Ren And Stimpy


Bret Hart on The Simpsons


“Real Wrestling” on South Park


Amateur Wrestling on Saved By The Bell


Bugs Bunny vs. The Crusher

Yeah, so it wasn’t all sitcoms! But it’s wrestling! We breakin’ rules in this motherfucker! Enjoy! Happy Saturday!


4 thoughts on “Wrestling On Sitcoms

  1. The “That 70s Show” and “Boy Meets World” ones were always favorites of mine. Vader as Ethan Suplee’s dad was pretty awesome.

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