Match Spotlight: Pac vs. Ricochet on Dragongate Infinity 242

I’ve begun a love affair with Dragongate recently. Masato Yoshino, Pac, Rich Swann, Ricochet, CIMA, Mad Blankey…

Ricochet is my favorite so far. I’m not always a huge fan of spot-to spot wrestling, but this fed makes it so interesting. And it doesn’t hurt the spots they do are AMAZING!

Dragongate’s storylines are very involved and constantly changing…just about everyone is connected to a stable. Which, you know I effing love a Stable! Mad Blankey is still the best name for a stable ever in life!

The degree of difficulty in this match is so high…having to hit your marks spot-on has to not hurt your opponent. It takes so much trust and talent…and for that I applaud them hard.

And I also wanted to give some love to this MV! It’s an amazing edit! I like posting MV’s more than the actual matches sometimes because often times (if it’s good) the added music produces another layer of emotion that I really enjoy.

I hope you enjoy it too! You can check out all the Dragongate Infinity episodes at this link here!

And don’t forget! ArmbarCast tonight! BE THERE MOTHERFUCKERS!


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