Stories From A Wrestling Kid: Video Games

One of my earliest memories of wrestling was going over to my Uncle’s house and sitting around a bulky, static-y TV set from the 70’s watching my cousins play WWF Raw on Super Nintendo. Sometimes they would let me play. They convinced me to pick Doink, telling me he was the best character in the game. Yeah, so maybe they were bullshitting me…but I still have a lot of affection for Doink The Clown because of it.

Hours of yelling, and bumping elbows, and re-enacting the matches (Leg drop from the top bunk!), and throwing controllers, and maybe even some cussing under our breaths when we lost. But, we had a grand old time in that cramped little room! It was not only one of my first wrestling memories, but it’s also the first memory I have of playing a video game. And one of my most treasured memories of my cousins.

What got me thinking about all this was running across this old post from The 8-Bit Animal featuring some of his favorite retro wrestling games!

Coincidentally, another one of my favorite wrestling games is on this list. Smackdown 2: Know Your Role was the first wrestling video game I ever owned. I would be The Rock, and everyone would know their roles, and shut their mouths!

My favorite by far though was Smackdown! Just Bring It. My CAS was the hottest bitch around, and she came out to Trish Stratus’ “Whiplash” theme and teased all the boys! And then proceeded to layeth the smackdown on HHH’s candy ass!

Video games give us an opportunity to not only expand our fandom, but to pretend to be part of it. Most of us will never be pro wrestlers, the closest we can get are these video games. To Create-A-Superstar is to live out the dreams of your youth. Even if I can never get my nose quite right. It curves down just slightly, damnit. Slightly!

But nevermind my nose woes.

Make sure to check out @8bitanimal, The Digitized Ramblings Of An 8-Bit Animal, where he’s dedicated to doing a post spotlighting a retro game every day until Labor Day, such as this recent post on Tecmo World Wrestling. Definitely a great blog to add to your Google Reader!

What are some of your favorite wrestling video games, and what memories do you attach to them?


One thought on “Stories From A Wrestling Kid: Video Games

  1. Wrestling video games is one of my favorite genres! I remember playing Pro Wrestling on the Sega Master System, each character only had 3 or so moves each but I was a kid so my imagination filled in the blanks. I’ve been in love with the Fire Pro Wrestling games for a long time too, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for PS2 is a masterpiece! I also loved Japanese-only wrestling games for the Dreamcast, they had a great Fire Pro on there too and I loved Toukon Retsuden 4 and Giant Gram 2000 especially!

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