Feminine Smarkbit: Back to John Cena vs. The Rock [Video]


My video about finally coming to an understanding of not only Cena’s character, but the reason Cena is popular and the reason Cena is needed in wrestling and in media at large. I stopped watching wrestling in 2007 because of Cena’s Superman, boy scout, gimmick–so this video was sort of a closure for me.

What I forgot to say in this video was that I wish that WWE/Cena would stop the occasional instances where Cena is bullying people. The “Hoeski” Incident, for example. Just stupid. Stop it now. You can’t have Cena be the head of the anti-bullying campaign and then have him bully folks. Doesn’t work that way.

But, I see why he’s needed…and I think he’s actually a pretty great role model for kids–inside the ring and seemingly out. And I’m ok with that.

Plus, y’all know I love a WWE montage! Effing christ they’re so good…


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