Wrestling In Pop Culture

I very much enjoy researching, discussing and writing about the role of wrestling in popular culture.

Wrestling as seen in other media is a funny thing. It really shows how much pro-wrestling has influenced our culture as Americans. It also shows the biases about wrestling itself within our culture.

This clip is from the movie Shrek, obviously…as you can tell from the giant green ogre.

What’s interesting about this clip, is that it’s generally thought to be a “badass” part of the movie and quite a humorous part as well. But, this comes from many people, many of which I bet would probably not watch WWE or other wrestling programming to see these moves in person. Yet, here they are, loving it in this movie because the medium that the wrestling is presented through is different. You are permitted to like this…you aren’t shamed for liking CGI cartoons.

Another aspect are the moves themselves. We see tombstones, chair shots, hulking up, taunts, tag team action…and we as a culture know this is wrestling. The Tombstone is The Undertaker, a legendary move…that’s why it’s in this movie. Hulking Up is something that Hulk Hogan does, a legendary figure…that’s why it’s in this movie. Wrestling fan or not, it’s permeated the culture so much that we get it even without having seen it in person.

It makes you wonder how many people would be wrestling fans if there wasn’t such a stigma attached to being a wrestling fan?

By the way, the woman at 1:00 mark saying “The chair! Give him the chair!” …would totally be me.





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