CM Punk Criticizes WWE Unfortunately, no

Me too, CM Punk, me too.

And ya know, if you don’t like something, don’t do it. He immediately deleted the tweets, btw.

ETA: CM Punk himself is saying he didn’t tweet them. Saying he hasn’t tweeted in 3 days. Along with calling fans stupid, morons, and criticizing their spelling. Which…ya know…anti-bullying! But tweet doesn’t have blue check verifier, and some fans of notifications on his account and didn’t receive one. Though if you’re just screencapping an individual tweet the blue check might not show up. But, no notification means false alarm! Sad, actually. Lots of hits on the blog for this–so people want to believe he said it.

But LOL Anti-bullying u guise!


2 thoughts on “CM Punk Criticizes WWE Unfortunately, no

  1. Jesus, that does not make me confident at all for No Way Out, which is kind of a shame since I think the card looks good outside the main event.

    I don’t know if he’s just talking about Cena, but i’m wondering if this is something tied to his storyline. I see something stupid with Kane in the future…

    Regardless, I’m going to enjoy the PPV until given a reason not to enjoy it.

    • Yeah, most of the card looks ok. I could do w/o the tuxedo match and of course Punk/Bryan/Kane…which might be a good match in of itself if it didn’t have the dumb storyline attached. But, whatever.

      I would actually be more annoyed if he didn’t actually tweet this about his storyline. Kayfabe or not…dude…it’s true. Just stupid. The only way this could be ok is if AJ ends up being “crazy like a fox,” which it seems might happen. She’s a good talent, even then I don’t know…maybe there’s no way the end could satisfy me.

      1. Helps Bryan win – She’s gone back to an abuser

      2. Helps Punk win – She’s with someone who calls her crazy

      3. Helps Kane win – …Kane has the fucking WWE Championship

      LOL, there’s no good outcome for me with that. They’ve fucked it up so utterly.

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