Happy New Year From Feminine Smark!

And a happy New Year from Mae Young and the New Year’s baby…woggle…thing?

Mae Young! We love her. It doesn’t matter what she does! This badass woman has done some of the weirdest things we’ve seen in WWE television. She likes to give birth and flash people! The latter being the reason she’s the only wrestler I can do an impression of. A very good impression, I might add!

Here’s a montage some Mae Young shenanigans!

If you wanna relive the infamous giving birth to the hand, click here, because that motherfucker is not available on Youtube. I don’t wanna relive it, but some of you masochists out there…

Let’s hope you don’t have half the weirdness this year that Mae Young has brought us for many years. Or, maybe an even weirder year if you’re into that sort of thing! I just hope this old broad is around to give us even more craziness in 2013!



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