The ArmbarCast Episode 10

Episode 10: “Terry Bollea, Look At My Screen”   Topics: Beth Phoenix injury, Kharma’s return, plans for the Bellas, Scott Hall’s in trouble again, Dean Ambrose’s feud with Mick Foley, and Hulk Hogan wants to revolutionze wrestling…again, and we have a message for him! …Oh, and there might be a mention of Brock Lesnar’s penis. … Continue reading

Theme Thursday: Edge [Last Theme]

  When Edge’s theme hit Monday night, I’d forgotten how much I miss it! One of the best themes in the business so far! And so fitting for Adam Copeland! Theme music for an amazing career! Another chance to chase a dream, indeed.

The ArmbarCast Episode 9

Episode 9: “Fuck Brock Lesnar” Last night we were joined by the boys from Marks4Life! We give Brock Lesnar a lot of shit (Seriously. Fuck him.), Smackdown is debuting some fresh faces and will Stone Cold Steve Austin be wrestling again? All this and more on The Armbarcast!

Wrestling On Sitcoms

While looking up wrestling shit on Youtube, I found this old clip of Triple H on The Drew Carey Show (that I can’t embed!). It got me to thinking wrestlers and wrestling being featured in sitcoms! So I started doing some research…and with the help of Google University and this message board, here’s a tribute … Continue reading

Theme Thursday: Rowdy Roddy Piper

Just in time! This is one of those themes that is just tailor made to the character. Of course, with the Scottish gimmick…it wasn’t hard. Amazing theme nonetheless! Hide the coconuts y’all, because Piper is comin’! Any favorite Rowdy Roddy Piper moments?*

WTF What That?!: Funkasaurus and his Mammy

I don’t like talking about entire events as a whole. Everyone does it. So, in thinking about what to cover regarding Wrestlemania, it was a hard choice. Like everyone, I was in love with the Undertaker/HHH match…and maybe I teared up a little at the end… *whistles* The Rock winning didn’t make sense to me…at … Continue reading

Cuttin Promos: Botched Spot

Because they provided me with this, wherein a LOL’d hard: Those are pretty much my thoughts. I’ll be getting more indepth on The ArmbarCast this week! WTF was with the 18 second match? CM Punk/Jericho was surprisingly lackluster, The Undertaker match steals the show again with an amazing assist of emotion by Shawn Michaels, and … Continue reading