The ArmbarCast

@nealcarter and myself host this podcast live Wednesdays 7pm CST on Spreecast! We talk WWE, TNA, indie feds, Women’s Wrestling, backstage news/gossip and more!

Episode 1: “Frustrations”
Episode 2: “Support Indie Feds”
Episode 3: “Dusty Rhodes Digests Chris Brown”
Episode 4: “Jettison Into Mordor” (This awesome episode was ate by Spreecast, precious!)
Episode 5: “Embrace A Moveset”
Episode 6: “Hoodies Up”
Episode 7: “Dragon Gate”
Episode 8: “Wrestlemania 28 Wrap-Up”
Episode 9: “Fuck Brock Lesnar”
Episode 10: “Terry Bollea, Look At My Screen”
Episode 11: “Kayfabe Is Dead”
Episode 12: “Bring Back The Cruiserweight Division”
Episode 13: “LOLTNA”

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